Sunday, 23 February 2014

Physical Characteristics of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (ra)


He is said to have been of medium height. His round shaped head was often shaven showing off a wide and broad forehead. The eyebrows were thick and black. His beautiful black eyes had a look of majestic grandeur and always looked as if they were steeped in divine intoxication. The nose was not very long but was slightly pointed upwards. His cheeks and chin were appropriately shaped, set on a beautiful face, which was neither round nor long. Hazrat Sultan Bahu's (RA) beard was thick and he often dyed it with henna, which enhanced his beauty even more. His chest, which was always filled with divine light, was covered with hair, which was not in excess. His hands, thicker than normal looked very strong. His bone structure was sturdy and strong, covered by flesh appropriate to his structure. His fair and ruddy complexion gave off a piercing brilliance, which was easily recognizable wherever he went. In short his beauty was so luminous that wherever he went people were attracted to his radiant beauty and personality.

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