Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marriages of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (ra)

The Saint had four wives. 

The first wife was from the family of Hazrat Makhdoom Bahu ( Rathi Allahu ‘anh), who was one of the `Khalifas of the great Sufi, Hazrat Sheikh-ul Islam, Sheikh Bahauddin Muhammed Zakhariya Multani (RA). His second and third wife was from his own tribe and family. His fourth wife belonged to a Hindu family of Multan and was given in `niaaz' (marriage) to the saint by Hazrat Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaria(RA). Sultan Bahoo(RA) had renounced all worldly pleasures in his early years, yet he was obliged to marry more than one time ,to honour the `Sunna' of the Holy Prophet Muhammed(PEACE BE UPON HIM). The permission for having more than one wife is based not on conditions of lust, nor on any benefit accruing to the marrying male, but on the principle of sacrifice. The permission is conditioned by ones ability to deal equitably with his wives, which even at the formal level is an extremely difficult condition to fulfill except for those who are thoroughly disciplined, stick to spiritual and moral values above everything else and enter into marriage for spiritual considerations -for the sake of obtaining Devine Pleasure. So in Islam the institution of marriage is a religious matter rather than a worldly matter only and is based on the principle of interdependence of man and woman in ensuring fullness of life for each other through mutual affection, mutual confidence and mutual protection as husband and wife. As the Quran says by using a metaphor of profound beauty:

` They are a garment unto you, and ye are a garment unto them '. (11:187)

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